Q'ero Mountain Medical Team


The Mountain Medicine Team, staffed by doctors, dentists and qualified medical specialists from the United States and Peru, provides basic medical services including dental care, eye care, health education and veterinary services to the remote Q'ero villages and other villages such as Pacca and Huilloc which have requested our services. The team works with village mid-wives to help reduce infant mortality and teaches the villages about nutrition and sanitation. 

In the Q’ero…
In 1996 an all important census first began gathering data on age, sex, marital status, number of live children, number of children who have died, medical conditions, pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. This census was able to track annual improvements in the Q'ero society.

We provided dental and medical care, education and medications to the Q'ero people. These critical services have significantly reduced adult death and the infant death rate has been reduced from 45% to 5%. Adult septicemia from infected teeth has been greatly reduced also. Their overall quality of health has been improved.

We provided veterinary care to the villages, treating the llama, alpaca and sheep population for internal and external parasites. This reduced the death rate, improved fertility and increased wool production and quality.  These efforts improved the overall economy of the villages.

We will meet with the elders of the Q’ero villages again in 2008 and re-evaluate the needs of the communities for our continued work in the Q’ero. Narsario Quispe, Don Manuel Quispe’s son, will be the VCF liaison with the Q’ero community at this time.



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