Pacca Irrigation Project


During our visit to Pacca in 2004 the village asked for our help in building a canal from the closest river, Rio Motoque, in to Pacca. Their water was being hand-carried over the mountains. Many of the village plants died and the animal population suffered greatly from lack of water.

An irrigation system could bring irrigation to the entire village, enhancing their growing season for higher food production and assisting in the health and hydration of the farm animals. The increase overall food production would also greatly improve the economic development of Pacca.

In 2005 VCF supported drawing architectural plans for the village irrigation system. The first part of the system was completed by the end of that year.

In 2006 the residents of Pacca shared their architectural plans and their experience with other villages in the area, helping bring water to those villages. This in turn further assisted in the economic independence and development of the entire area.



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