Pacca Guinea Pig Project


In 2004 the Mothers’ Club of Pacca asked for assistance to improve the health and quality of their guinea pig (cuy) population, an all important protein source for their village. The village requested financial assistance to purchase eighteen pairs of high quality breeding cuy. 

After the purchase, VCF provided students from the Girls’ School that we support in Pacca with training in basic animal husbandry helping the overall condition of the cuy as well as all the other village animals.

In 2005 the Cuy Project was fully underway. The guinea pigs were healthy and breeding well which helped with the protein source for their village.

In 2006 the Cuy Project was so successful the community was able to sell some of the guinea pigs to neighboring villages creating a good source of income for the village of Pacca and a source of protein for the other villages. 

In 2007, three years after the initial purchase of the breeding pairs, the students from the Girls’ School in Pacca that we trained by VCF not only improved the quality of their village’s cuy population but are now selling cuy to neighboring villages and educating these villages in animal husbandry. They have not only created a stable income source for their own village but have reached out to help surrounding communities.



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