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As many of you know, VCF has been working hard for over 20 years, supporting the indigenous peoples of Peru. We started our non profit at the request from Don Manuel Quispe to assist his people, the Q’ero Nation.

There are many accomplishments VCF has completed, read below. The list seems endless. However we feel we have completed our work in Peru. The Q’ero have all sold their land and moved out of the high Q’ero villages. Many Q’ero have moved to the Cuzco area in a new community, where we also have distributed Clean Water filters.

However… yes, we are holding one final fundraiser from now until mid – July, to totally complete all our projects. We are trying to raise $6000.00 to accomplish this. We still need a few more filters for the Cuzco area, the Iquitos area, finish some water supply problems in our little school in Maska, a final treatment of parasite for the animals, just many little things.

Please consider a donation to really help these people have a healthier life, free of intestinal parasites and stomache issues!

Read more about our filter work under current projects, Q'ero.

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