VCF, Inc. is holding it's final fundraiser!!! VCF will become inactive starting in 2016. Read our home page for more information

We would like to raise $6000. by mid july to complete our final projects!

Each filter lasts 5-6 years with simple maintenace, are easy to assemble and use, and have no breakable parts.

In 2013, the Q'ero Nation has received the enough Clean Water Filters for the Q'ero Nation to all have clean water!Don Manuel's request has been completed.

VCF have also delivered clean water filters to the Iquitos area of the Peruvian amazon in May of 2012. These folks are under 15-20 feet of water. Total villages have been washed away. Many areas have only rooftop living area left, with no land to walk on. There is no sanitation in any form.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.


Vanishing Cultures Foundation, Inc is a Massachusetts registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.
Federal Id # 04-3362044

Some examples of what VCF does with your donations!

Family Water Filters

One Filter   $55.
Two Filter   $110.
Three Filter   $165.
Four Filter   $220.
Five Filter   $275.
Six Filter   $330.
Seven Filter   $380.
Eight Filter   $440.
nine Filter   $495.

Alpaca Project

Internal parasite control 1 animal/year $50
Internal parasite control 6000 village animals/year $2500
External parasite control 1 animal/year $50
External parasite control 6000 village animals/year $2500










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