Pacca Girls' School



The Girls’ School, CRFA Virgin Navidad de Pacca, in the village of Pacca is doing well. Because of its continued growth, the need for more space is becoming critical. With over 90 girls attending from the local areas, the school has instituted a two-week rotation schedule to provide the programs for all those who want to attend.

In the spring of 2007, VCF broke ground and began building the foundation for the new school. As we slowly collect more donations, we will continue to build the much needed school. Included in the plans for the new school is a medical and dental clinic to support the surrounding areas.

Be sure to check out our Architectural plans! The community has donated the land and all the labor to complete this school!  

December 2008 update: Three classrooms are just about completed! The greenhouse is up and running and instrumental in teaching the students about crop cultivation from seeds to harvest! The greenhouse is even equipped with a slow drip watering system!


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