Pacca Artisan Project


The Artisan Project is growing and flourishing!

Weaving Program
The Weaving Program is going very well with the complexity of the detail in the designs expanding with each beautiful weaving.
VCF plans to buy more looms to expand the teaching project to allow more students, young and old, to learn this craft.

Knitting Program
The Knitting Program has been wonderful to watch expand. At the beginning of this project very basic patterns and synthetic yarns were used. They now are knitting intricate patterns using alpaca and lambs’ wool for the sweaters!  Almost every female, young and old, in the village is now knitting. In the afternoons, during quiet time, the ladies sit around sharing stories, helping each other, and knitting!  It is truly a beautiful sight! The sweaters are sold through VCF as well as in villages and cities surrounding Pacca. This contributes to the economic independence of the village
VCF is collecting knitting needles of varying sizes including 2.0 and 2.5 circular knitting needles and 3.5 and 4.0 straight knitting needles. Using good quality needles will ensure consistent product sizes and a higher overall quality.

Sewing Program
In September 2007 VCF began a Sewing Program in Pacca. Teaching young women to sew is a helpful and more productive way to gain financial independence for themselves as well as additional support for their families.  Sewing creates a personal business including tailoring which can be sold as a service in the cities.
VCF is collecting good quality cutting scissors, tape measures and hand sewing needles for this program.

Jewelry Program
In September 2007 VCF began teaching Jewelry Making to the Girls School with great success.

Ceramics Program
The Ceramics Program although very successful and productive have been put on hold until we can raise funds to continue this class.  The supplies and tools are very expensive and the financial return is very low.

All proceeds of sales from the Artisan Project go directly back to the specific projects.



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