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Vanishing Cultures Foundation, Inc. was created to support the indigenous people of Peru by preserving their spiritual lineage and supporting their economic development.

Vanishing Cultures Foundation, Inc is a Massachusetts registered 501(c)3 charitable organization. Federal id # 04-3362044

The VCF Board of Directors are volunteer positions. Your donations go directly to VCF programs.


January 2014

A small team of VCF and W4W deliver Clean Water Filters to the Iquitos area of Peru! We supplied each of the 100 families with clean water for the first time since the Amazon River and the tributaries have been 20-30 feet above the normal levels. The waters are polluted with everything from gasoline, oil, garbage, sewerage. Everyhting has been under water for the last 3 years.

After a long journey down many rivers and small tributaries, were we gifted with seeing, swimming, and playing with a huge pod of pink dolphin families.....we arrived at the village. We were welcomed with joy! Each family was instructed on contruction and maintenance of the water filters.

After the filters were delivered, each family gave a handmade gift of woven grasses into many forms, lizards, bowls, butterflys......it was a perfect example of ayni.

After a long day of sharing we travelled by our dugout canoeslate into the night back to Iquitos.

From our work in Iquitis we traveled to Cuzco, delivering more Clean Water Filters and school supplies to our kindergarten school in Masca, Pisac.

VCF would like to give a BIG thanks to all that assisted us, Darryl Boyer, Gina Lauvstad, Janet Wilhelm, and leader, Denise Kinch.

Special thanks to Aida and her family for all they did to make this another success in Iquitos!

And of course thank you to Mercedes, Luis, and thier family for making the Cuzco delivery another success.

Also Thank you to all those who donate to VCF to assist the indigenous people of Peru! Without your donations none of this would be possible. Thank You all very very much.


A Q'ero Update

After our recent delivery of Clean Water Filters to the Iquitos area of Peru, I returned to Cuzco for a brief visit with my friends. I was told that many of the Q'ero villages have been sold and mining for gold and copper probably at this point has begun. Most of the Q'ero people now have left the high villages and live in the lower lands in the Cuzco area.

Those who know the Q'ero nation knew this would happen, many of the Q'ero have lived in the Cuzco area for the past 15 years, never returning to their homelands. When this migration of Q'ero began, they would still have the ability to go home, back to the quiet of the villages. It became the normal life, exist between the two worlds.

On our last VCF village delivering Clean Water Filters to the Q'ero's, they told us they were all moving out of the villages. We saw many abandoned homes. The fields were not as full, no baby alpaca to be seen, very small herds, and some villages empty. Although it is understandable, it was sad to see a culture changing and disappearing.

I am grateful for all the gifts Don Manuel gave me. To be welcomed as part of this ancient primitive community was an amazing gift. To walk the Apus in ceremony with Don Manuel and his children, to be present at his last conscious moments, to sit at his grave, has been such an honor. I have visited the high villages for the past 19 years. I have seen the beauty of full life flourishing in the villages now I have been witness to the villages become ghost towns....

We all need to remember the true history of Don Manuel and the Q'ero people. They are a primitive tribe of herders and weavers. They are part of the Tawantinsuyu, not direct Inca blood. They are special because of the way they walk in the Apu's, in ceremony with all that is. They are special because many years ago Don Manuel Quispe shared his medicine tradition with the world, not because of any story of who they may have been. They are Q'ero, not Inca. Lets not forget the true history of these people, let us all keep the truth in our teachings. Let us all honor Don Manuel Quispe for what he sacrificed to share his traditions.

VCF 2014 has fulfilled another request to our friends in Iquitos, Peru!

In February 2014, a small group delivered another 70 filters to a very sweet village that has been repeatledy flooded by the increase in rainfall and the Amazon and its rising tributaries. It was another beautiful however interesting expedition. We were guided through the rivers by a pod of 20-30 pink river dolphins! Of course we had to immediatley jump in the water to be with them. They had some fun with us swimming under, over, and all around us. We know not to touch them, however swimming in the Amazon with a huge pod of dolphins just seems to make everything perfect, and a dream come true.

We were warmly greeted by the entire village, the children sang and danced for us. The community was so excited to have the opportunity to have clean water! After the filters were delivered, each family donated a reed woven gift to us which we will have on line and raise money to help them a little more.

After all our work was completed, one of the village women created this beautiful meal for us to take on our canoe for the 3 hour ride home. We were grateful , our journey was a bit longer due to the amazing storm which surrounded us. Huge stikes of lightening stiking all around, guiding us safely through the dark water ways with its light.

It was a very productive journey and we thank all who donated to help deliver clean water!

In 2006, VCF, Inc. promised Don Manuel Quispe to help his people in the high Q'ero villages have clean water. Finally this year, 2013, we have completed that first and last of many goals. VCF, Inc. has finally completed it's final committment made to Don Manuel! Every Q'ero family who requested a clean water filter was delivered a filter that is easy to use, fairly unbreakable, and will last five to six years!

Story of the journey and photos are coming soon.

Thank you very much to all who donated to make this happen! You have helped the health of an entire community!!!


Watch this amazing video of our 2011 work!

W4W Q’ero Project video: http://vimeo.com/41105974

Look under : Current Projects, Q'ero Students to check out our lastest work with the Q'ero Nation!

This year VCF not only supplied Veterinary medicines for the alpaca and llama, school supplies, dental supplies, AND worked in partnership with Waves for Water....we delivered water filters for each family in Chua Chua and Challma Chimpana (formerly Yawacancha)!

Poncho up close

VCF has a large supply of Mestana's directly from the Q'ero villages. Your donation will be used directly for supporting the Q'ero Nation. Visit our store to see the selection.

Congratulations to VCF Program 2012!

Thank you all.... Another great success!


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